Jawan hindi Movie 2023



Jawan hindi Movie 2023

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Azad is the jailer of a women's prison in Mumbai who hijacks a Mumbai Metro along with a group of six inmates Lakshmi, Eeram, Ishkra, Kalki, Helena and Janhvi. Azad negotiates with NSG officer Narmada Rai to ask the Agriculture Minister to send 400 billion in exchange for the passengers' lives. Kalee Gaikwad, a global arms dealer, learns that his daughter Alia is also one of the captives and agrees to fund the deal. When Alia questions their motive, Azad reveals his plan of donating the money towards the loan waiver of 700,000 impoverished farmers in the country. Azad and his gang directly transfer the funds into the farmers' bank accounts and escape from the metro. Through Alia, Azad reveals his name as Vikram Rathore to Kalee.
Meanwhile, Azad meets Narmada and her daughter Suchi, and they eventually get married. Azad and his gang next kidnap the Health Minister and demand to initiate better infrastructure at every government hospital, in exchange for the Health Minister's life. The infrastructure is immediately initiated in the hospitals, allowing Azad and his gang to escape again after a shootout between Narmada and her team. Soon after their wedding, Narmada finds out about Azad's true identity and confronts him, but Kalee's brother Manish and his henchmen capture and torture them. However, Azad is saved by his doppelgänger named Vikram Rathore. Narmada finds out the identities of Azad's accomplices and confronts them by disguising herself as an inmate, where she learns about Azad and Vikram's connection.
In 1986, Captain Vikram Rathore was a commando in the Special Ops unit of the Indian Army, who set out on an operation to hunt down the terrorist group responsible for attacking and killing 40 Indian soldiers. After facing several casualties that were caused by malfunctioning weaponry, Vikram and his team successfully took down the terrorists and filed a complaint against Kalee, who was the supplier of the weapons. He unsuccessfuly tried to make a deal with Vikram and that same night, he and his wife, Aishwarya, were attacked by Kalee and his henchman, Murad. Kalee took Vikram onboard a plane and seemingly shot him to death. Aishwarya was sentenced to prison for killing three cops, who were on Kalee's payroll. Afterwards, Vikram was declared a national traitor; Aishwarya gave birth to their child, Azad, in prison. When Azad turned five, Aishwarya asked him to prove his father's innocence and provide justice to the oppressed, before she was hanged. Unbeknownst to the world, Vikram survived the attack but lost his memory. He was found and rescued by a tribal group in northeast India and rehabilitated in their village.
Back in the present day, Narmada's subordinate Irani is revealed to be on Kalee's payroll, where he tries to kill them in the prison and Lakshmi is killed in the resulting crossfire. Azad arrives at the prison and kills Irani in a stampede. Vikram, Azad and his team attack Kalee's trucks, which contains money for the upcoming elections that will be used to boost Kalee's political ambitions. Azad and his team manages to steal the trucks, while Vikram and his team get captured by Kalee's henchmen. Azad releases another video and states that he has stolen voting machines and demands to seal 253 factories in the country, responsible for air and water pollution. The factories are sealed by the government. Kalee learns about Azad's location in the women's prison and a fight ensues, where Vikram finally recovers his memory and helps Azad by hanging Kalee to death. A few months later, STF officer Madhavan Naik, who was the one who helped Azad in the completion of his missions, assigns Azad a new mission of targeting Swiss Banks.

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