salaar Newest / Prabhas / Movies (2023)


salaar Newest / Prabhas / Movies (2023)

salaar Newest / Prabhas / Movies (2023)

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salaar Newest / Prabhas / Movies (2023)

A gang leader tries to keep a promise made to his dying friend and takes on the other criminal gangs

In the city of Khansaar, Raja Mannar plans to make his son Vardharaja Mannar as his successor, but Raja Mannar's ministers and advisors plan a coup d'état to kill them by hiring armies from Russia and Serbia to attack Vardharaja and Khansaar. Vardharaja manages to escape from Khansar and meets his childhood friend Deva, who learns about this and sets out to make Vardharaja as the undisputed successor of Khansaar.[7]


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