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The Motherworld is the militaristic empire of its galaxy fueled by centuries of conquest and war, through soldiers under its infantry, the Imperium. The current king welcomes a daughter, Princess Issa, who possesses a rare gift of healing and resurrection. Her power is taken as a sign of redemption for the Motherworld, as the royal family has grown weary of conflict and hopes that Issa will unify the empire not through force but through compassion. Instead, the family is publicly assassinated during her coronation, and Balisarius, a prominent senator, declares himself Regent and renews the empire's conquests with the support of Admiral Atticus Noble, a sadistic military leader.

On the independent moon of Veldt, Noble and his men arrive and insist that Father Sindri, a local village chieftain, sell them grain to replenish their food stocks as they hunt for a band of rebels led by the Bloodaxes. Gunnar, an ambitious farmer, disagrees with Sindri's refusal to deal with Noble; the admiral then beats Sindri to death and orders Gunnar to prepare all of the village's grain before he returns in ten weeks. One of the villagers, Kora, packs her things to leave, but when she sees Imperium soldiers attempting to rape Sam, a young woman, she, along with Private Aris, an Imperium soldier who is disheartened by the practices of his superiors, confronts and kills them. Kora tells the villagers that Noble will massacre the village once he returns and gets what he wants.

She recruits Gunnar, who has a source that can reach the Bloodaxe rebellion so that they can recruit them for their cause of fighting Noble. During their journey, she reveals to Gunnar that she once served the Imperium as a soldier, having been taken and brought up by Balisarius, who killed her family and destroyed her home planet. The next day, Kora and Gunnar depart for Providence, a nearby port town, to assemble a band of warriors and defend Veldt against Noble's fleet. They first recruit Kai, a smuggler and criminal. He takes them to two additional warriors, Tarak — a tamer of beasts — and Nemesis — a talented cyborg swordswoman. Kora ventures with the team to a remote moon to recruit Titus, a disgraced Imperium commander reduced to prizefighting. Gunnar learns from Kora that she feels a sense of guilt for Issa's death as she once served as the princess's bodyguard.

Knowing that they cannot defend against Noble's ship, the King's Gaze, the warriors use Gunnar's previous dealings with the Bloodaxe rebellion to meet their leaders, siblings Darrian and Devra, and request the use of their starfighters. Darrian and half the clan agree to help, but Devra, who considers such a fight hopeless and a waste of their resources, retreats with the other half to safety. Under the pretense of offloading the last of his illicit goods to start a new life, Kai takes the group to a trading post, but captures them as Noble's ship arrives, revealing he had always intended to betray them for the bounties on their heads. Noble reveals Kora's true name as Arthelais. Gunnar kills Kai and frees the group, and Darrian and many of his troops are killed. Kora fights Noble, throwing him off the post's high platform, and the surviving warriors return to Veldt together.

Heavily injured but alive, Noble is recovered by Motherworld forces and revived after having spoken on an astral plane with Balisarius,[11] who demands that Noble end the insurgency against him and bring Kora to him alive so he can execute her himself.

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