John Wick 4 WEB-DL 720p (2023)


John Wick 4  WEB-DL 720p (2023)


John Wick 4  WEB-DL 720p (2023)

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In New York City, John Wick prepares to exact his revenge against The High Table while hiding underground with the Bowery King. He travels to Morocco and kills The Elder, the "one who sits above the Table". In response, the Marquis Vincent de Gramont, a French senior member of the High Table, summons New York Continental hotel manager Winston Scott and his concierge, Charon.

Vincent advises Winston that the entire High Table has given him unlimited resources to find and kill John. He chastises Winston for his failure to assassinate John. As punishment, The Marquis strips Winston of his duties as manager, declares him "excommunicated", has the New York Continental destroyed, and executes Charon. De Gramont then travels to Paris and enlists Caine, a blind, retired High Table assassin and old friend of John's, to kill him, threatening to murder Caine's daughter otherwise.

John takes refuge at the Osaka Continental, run by his friend Koji ShimazuThe Myrmidons, led by his right-hand man Chidi, arrive with Caine to kill John. Akira, Koji's daughter and the hotel's concierge, orders the hotel evacuated and joins her father, John, and the hotel's staff in fighting off the High Table's assassins, leading to Akira being wounded. In his escape, John fights off another wave of assassins, followed by Caine. They are interrupted by a "tracker"—a term for a bounty hunter—who calls himself "Mr. Nobody". He lets John go after deciding the contract money to be insufficient. Akira also escapes, but Caine kills Koji.

John returns to New York and meets with a vengeful Winston at Charon's gravesite. Winston suggests that John challenge the Marquis de Gramont to a duel, as winning will free him of his obligation to the High Table. Per the Table's traditions, John can only request a duel on behalf of a crime family; as he previously severed his ties to the Ruska Roma, John travels to their headquarters in Berlin to rejoin the syndicate. His adoptive sister Katia agrees to bring John back in exchange for him killing Killa Harkan, a German High Table senior and a mob boss who murdered her father.

John infiltrates Killa's nightclub, but Killa, already informed of the hit on him by Caine, sets up an ambush via a rigged poker match. John escapes and kills Killa, taking one of his golden teeth as a trophy, and regains his status in the Ruska Roma. John then formally challenges Vincent De Gramont through Winston, who also requests the New York Continental rebuilt with him reinstated as manager should John win. In Paris Paris, John and the Marquis decide the parameters of their duel in a meeting moderated by The Harbinger, a Table's emissary. De Gramont nominates a reluctant Caine to fight in his place. The duel is to take place with dueling pistols on the following sunrise at Sacré-Cœur; the Harbinger informs John that both he and Winston will be executed should he fail to appear on time. The Bowery King arrives in Paris to give John a weapon and a new ballistic suit.

Vincent attempts to prevent John from arriving at the duel by placing a $26 million bounty on him. John fights off hordes of assassins on his way to Sacré-Cœur, including Mr. Nobody, who negotiates a bounty with Vincent de Gramont up to $40 million but stops hunting John after he saves the Tracker's dog from being killed by Chidi. Caine aids John in fighting his way up the stairs leading to the Sacré-Cœur; Chidi nearly kills John but is killed by a vindictive Mr. Nobody. John and Caine narrowly reach the summit in time for the duel, with Mr. Nobody also in attendance. Each inflicts serious wounds on the other through three rounds of dueling, with the third round ending with John being mortally wounded. With John unable to stand back up, The Marquis demands the right to administer the coup de grace and swaps places with Caine for the fourth round. However, Vincent De Gramont failed to notice that John didn't actually fire in the third round allowing John, with his still-chambered gun, to shoot and kill him. The Harbinger grants Caine and John their freedom from the High Table and reinstates Winston's position. John reflects over his marriage and life, before peacefully succumbing to his injuries. Sometime later, Winston and the Bowery King bid farewell to John, having buried him next to his late wife, Helen.

In a post-credits scene, Caine returns to Paris to reunite with his daughter but is approached by the vengeful Akira, who brandishes a weapon.

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