In 1964 Bombay, Ismail Kadri, an honest police officer and a devout family man, is tasked with exposing the criminal nexus between gangsters Suleiman "Haji" Maqbool, Azeem Pathaan, and Anna Rajan Mudaliar; Ismail’s honesty is challenged constantly both personally and professionally. At home, he tries to discipline his younger son, Dara, and faces a crisis that puts his integrity and livelihood at stake. While coming close to exposing contraband being transported by Haji's driver, Sultan, and Ismail's brother-in-law, Rahim, Ismail's fellow police officer and best friend, Ahmed, is brutally killed by Rahim. Ismail not knowing about this, leaves him at the railway station to escape from Haji and his men. He is seen by two constables helping Rahim and is reported to his seniors. He is eventually kicked off the police force. As Ismail struggles to make ends meet for his family, the financial strain starts to influence Dara’s worldview.

When Ismail is pushed to the breaking point, Haji tightens his grip on him. Twelve years later, it’s 1977. Dara’s emergence provokes rival Pathan gang members, and soon matters get personal, igniting a bloody face-off. After Dara attempts to dethrone Haji-Pathan-Anna - the reigning kings of the Bombay underworld - a series of violent events leads to unexpected alliances and a brutal wedding night where Dara's childhood friend Nasir is killed by Pathan's Nephews and Nasir's wife is brutally raped and killed. After a devastating personal attack, Dara seeks revenge and ignites a deadly turf war against Haji and the Pathans. Dara recognizes an opportunity to move up in the world thanks to a newly forged alliance with the Dubai Sheikhs. This marks the birth of D-Company. As Dara's empire expands with the Dubai Sheikhs, family tensions rise and a revengeful Pathan threatens to bring him down. D Company is under attack; Dara suffers a deadly personal blow when his elder brother Sadiq and his lover is killed. With tensions escalating between the two gangs, body counts rise and the stakes get higher. Dara enlists a fearless hitman Chota. Dara ruthlessly pushes on to decimate Pathan and Anna in an end game. Anna is killed on his own turf and Pathan is also killed after unsuccessful attack on Dara's family in hospital. But finally, to escape arrest Dara must run like a coward and leave his family behind under care of his sister Habiba and leaves for Dubai.

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