Inuyashiki (2018) Japanese 1080p.BluRay.H264


Inuyashiki (2018) Japanese 1080p.BluRay.H264

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Ichirō Inuyashiki finds himself unable to protect his family, and facing various problems in his home and work life. He has no friends, and is treated poorly by his wife and family. He meets a small dog on the street, which unexpectedly leads him to a park where he is accidentally killed by a crash-landing alien force. To apologize for accidentally killing him, the alien force reconstructs him, changing his body into a highly sophisticated machine that gives him superhero-like powers, with offensive powers and the ability to fly. He also discovers he has the power to heal illnesses which he uses to heal some people, including some who are terminally ill.

However, at the same time, a teenage school boy named Hiro Shishigami also inherited the powers due to being in the impact zone, and was reconstructed as well with similar powers to Ichirō. He initially kills an innocent family, and attempts to kill Ichirō as well, but only manages to temporarily incapacitate him. Ichirō meets a young friend, Andō Naoyuki who is aware of Hiro's powers and has seen them work. He helps Ichirō understand his powers, and helps him to hone them. Even so, Ichirō is still very amateurish with his abilities.

While initially still working out how to use his powers, Hiro is attacked by police officers and kills a number of them. Following the murder of Shion Watanabe, his girlfriend and the only person left close to him, Hiro goes mad with rage randomly attacking people in Japan, until Ichirō fights and defeats him. Hiro escapes the battle seriously wounded and believed to be destroyed. He reappears at Andō's house, waiting in his room. Andō admits that he is afraid of Hiro, but also that he is still his friend and is happy he is still alive. Embarrassed by his emotional display, Andō turns away to show Hiro a game on his computer, and Hiro silently flies off from the room's balcony while his friend's back is turned.


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