Skanda new south indian full movie hindi dub 2023



Marriage of the daughter of Rayudu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is about to happen and the son of Ranjith Reddy, Chief Minister of Telangana who arrives at the marriage venue as a guest elopes with her from the venue to everyone's shock. This angers both the Chief Ministers and they challenge each other. Rayudu angered by the incident hires an assassin to kill the son of Ranjith Reddy as a revenge.

Meanwhile Protagonist with no name kidnaps Rayudu's daughter and Ranjith Reddy's daughter, female protagonist with no name, who also happens to be his classmate. The kidnap is connected to the CEO of the Crown Group Company, Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju, who is awaiting his death penalty and imprisoned falsely by both Ranjith Reddy and Rayudu for refusing to legitimize their illegal money. It is revealed that Ramakrishna Raju is actually the best friend of the protagonist's father, Manikanta Raju.

Protagonist wants to prove Ramakrishna Raju's innocence as he was forced to take the blame in order to protect his daughter, Rudraganti Parineeta, from any harm as she was held captive by Ranjith and Rayudu. With no choice, Ranjith and Rayudu bail out Ramakrishna Raju from prison. Following which, the duo attacks Protagonist and his family, where they are saved by Protagonist's look-alike. Eventually, Ranjith and Rayudu confess their crimes to the media, where they learn that the one who saved Protagonist and his family is actually a notorious assassin from Morocco and also the love interest of Parineeta, Ramakrishna Raju's daughter.


Ram Pothineni in a dual role 

Sreeleela as Female protagonist with no name, Ranjith Reddy's daughter and Protagonist's love interest

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