Iraivan (2023) Dual ORG 480p


Iraivan (2023) Dual ORG 480p

Iraivan (2023) Dual ORG 480p


Arjun serves as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) known for his unorthodox approach to apprehending suspects through lethal encounters, rather than adhering to standard arrest protocols. He harbors affection for Priya, the sister of his colleague and friend, Andrew. However, he hesitates to commit to marriage due to the enemies he has amassed during his aggressive law enforcement career, anticipating retaliation from those he has crossed.

Meanwhile, the city is gripped by fear as a psychopathic serial killer, nicknamed the "Smile-Killer" for leaving distinctive smiley face notes near the crime scenes, abducts and gruesomely murders young girls. Arjun and Andrew are assigned to this harrowing case. Tragically, Andrew loses his life while confronting the killer, who is later identified as Bhrama.

Haunted by the trauma of this investigation, Arjun resigns from the police force. Together with Priya, he embarks on a new path by opening a cafe, seeking a tranquil existence.

A year later, panic resurfaces when reports suggest that Bhrama has escaped from prison. Subsequently, the doctor responsible for Bhrama's care while incarcerated is found dead. The doctor's daughter, too, falls victim to the same gruesome fate as Bhrama's prior victims, bearing the killer's signature. Arjun is sent a death threat letter, seemingly from Bhrama.

The Smile-Killer's spree intensifies, with increasingly brutal acts and the disturbing practice of sending video footage of the victims' torment and murder to their families and the media. The grim videos drive some family members of the victims to suicide.

The disappearance of Shallu, the only survivor of a previous encounter with Bhrama, draws the attention of the police and Arjun. There is a belief that Bhrama has abducted her once again to complete his unfinished task. Investigations reveal that Bhrama may not intend to kill Shallu because he sees her as a willing participant, given her nymphomaniac tendencies. In a previous abduction, Shallu's response to Bhrama's torture was arousal rather than fear, which diverged from Bhrama's typical satisfaction derived from his victims' screams of panic.

Arjun eventually locates the site where Shallu is held captive, the same place where Bhrama was previously apprehended. A confrontation ensues, during which Arjun questions Bhrama's role and discovers that someone else has been using Bhrama's name for the murders, but Bhrama refuses to reveal their identity. The police arrive and fatally shoot Bhrama.

The Smile-Killer's reign of terror continues, raising suspicions that another individual is impersonating Bhrama. After a thorough investigation, Arjun believes that Babu, an assistant to a church father, is the copycat killer. However, evidence implicates Arjun when it is revealed that the video of Shallu's captivity was sent from his location.

In an attempt to apprehend Babu, Arjun uses his characteristic aggressive methods. The police intervene to save Babu, and in the heated exchange, Arjun confesses to kidnapping Shallu and sending the video to a TV channel. He insists that it was a ploy to trap Bhrama, as he knew Bhrama considered Shallu a partner rather than a victim.

Later that evening, Arjun uncovers compelling evidence at Babu's store that links him to the crimes. En route to Babu's arrest, he receives a phone call from Jasmine, Andrew's widow, who reveals that Babu has abducted her daughter Riya. Babu promises to disclose Riya's location only if Arjun complies with his demands.

Arjun agrees and embarks on a journey to meet Babu, but a tragic turn of events occurs when Jasmine takes her own life, seemingly as part of Babu's demands. Ultimately, a hostage exchange takes place with Priya joining the scene, per Babu's request for her in exchange for Riya. In the process, Arjun intervenes, taking Babu's life and saving both Priya and Riya.

Babu doesn’t die and is held captive by police force to be dealt with by Arjun .


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