James (2022) Dual WEB-DL 720p New movie


James (2022) Dual WEB-DL 720p New movie

James (2022) Dual WEB-DL 720p New movie


The crime syndicate which is operating in Bangalore is divided into three groups: the Golden Horse syndicate owned by Joseph Anthony, who is driving from Miami; the Scorpion syndicate owned by Rathanlal, operating from West Bengal; and Gayakwad syndicate, owned by Jayadev Gayakwad and his son Vijay Gayakwad, operating in Bangalore. Vijay is embroiled in a life-threatening situation when unknown assailants sent by Joseph murdered Jayadev. Joseph had learned from an informer that Vijay was the one who killed his brothers John, Peter, and Robin and also sent his son Vicky into a coma.

After realizing that his family is also in danger, Vijay appoints Santhosh Kumar, who is the manager of J-Wings security agency, as his bodyguard due to his skills and tactics in handling his assignments. Santhosh helps Vijay in his business dealings, while also having Rathanlal killed when he tries to conquer the Gayakwad Syndicate. Vijay then requests Santhosh to protect his sister Nisha Gayakwad, who has returned to India after completing her medical studies from Singapore. After an attack, Santhosh and Nisha escape to a village in Madikeri, where Nisha falls for Santhosh. She requests Vijay to accept their relationship, Though reluctant at first, Vijay accepts. At the party, Vijay announces his decision to hand over his business dealings to Nisha, who also introduces Santhosh.

At this point, Santhosh asks Vijay whether he fears anything in his life, only to start a shootout where he kills his other bodyguards and reveals that he was the one who had Jayadev assassinated so that Vijay could hire him. At the same time, Joseph's hitmen barge into the party and are shocked to find Santhosh, who they recognize as "James", their nemesis who was presumed dead. One of them informs this Joseph, before getting beheaded by Santhosh. Joseph learns that the informer had lied to Vijay about his brother's death and kills him (as the informer wants to seek vengeance on Joseph for killing his friends earlier). Santhosh brings Vijay and Nisha to the security agency's interrogation room. When Nisha insults Santhosh, Santhosh's colleague Rakesh Kumar Pirangi reveals Santhosh's past.

Past: 10 months ago, Santhosh is an Indian Army Major in Kashmir, who arrives at Pondicherry with Rakesh for his IAS officer friend Ekanth's wedding, and they meet Santhosh's friends Jagan, Amar, and Madan, who are also working in various government departments. At the wedding, Jagan reveals to Santhosh that when he took charge as NCB officer, he had arrested John, Robin, and Peter for smuggling, led by the Golden Horse Syndicate. Under Vijay and Joseph's advice, John, Peter, and Robin barge in and kill everyone present at the wedding. Santhosh, who survives due to Rakesh's help, leaves for Miami as James.

Santhosh drags Robin from his birthday party and kills him. Later, he tracks Peter at his Miami island where he decapitates him and lures John into his drug lab, and brutally finishes him. Santhosh returns to India by faking his death and is detained by his higher officer, but Santhosh seeks his higher official's approval to destroy the syndicates, to which they agree and their secret mission – "MISSION NORC" is launched where he arrives at Bangalore and started planning to bring down the syndicate with the help of his squad officers by opening J-Wings agency.

Present: Vijay escapes from the agency with Joseph's help. Santhosh, with Nisha's help, lures Joseph, Vijay, and his gang into Sangihe Islands where the squad officers arrest the syndicate members. The film ends with Santhosh saluting the Indian flag with the satisfaction of having accomplished his friend's mission.


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