Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023) 1080p[Dual Audio] [Hindi (Studio DUB)+Telugu] x264


Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023) 1080p[Dual Audio] [Hindi (Studio DUB)+Telugu] x264

Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty (2023) 1080p[Dual Audio] [Hindi (Studio DUB)+Telugu] x264


Anvitha Ravali Shetty is a 38 year old single independent woman working as a master chef in the United Kingdom living with her single mother. Her mother has very less time left to live as she suffers from an unknown illness so she keeps convincing her daughter to get married soon. Anvitha who is very adamant, doesn't believe in marriage and love due to her parents’ failed marriage and hence chooses to be single for the rest of her life. Later, her mother requests her to take her back to India as she wants to spend her last days there. Eventually after a few months her mother dies and Anvitha starts feeling lonely. As she doesn't believe in marriage, she tries to become a mother through IUI, as she feels she too needs a person during her last days. She feels that, like her mother, she doesn’t need any man to love her throughout her life and instead, her own biological child can be her supporter throughout her life just like she had her mother.

With the help of her friend Kavya, they visit a fertilisation centre to get pregnant. Anvitha learns the norms and comes to know that random males are taken as donors, which concerns her. She tries to choose her sperm donor through interviewing other men. Anvitha as clear as she is, writes down all the qualities she needs in her donor. Finally, she meets Siddhu Polishetty who is a 33 year old guy doing stand up comedy in one restaurant. She is impressed with him at first sight and tries to talk to him about her intention, but Kavya stops her stating it might make him awkward, so she requests her to take it slow and know more about his habits and personality first. Anvitha gets convinced and gives her visiting card to him to meet her. After a few meetings both get along pretty quick and gradually Siddhu catches feelings for Anvitha, not knowing her actual intention. One day, Siddhu tries to propose her but it backfires when Anvitha reveals the real reason why she wanted him. The concept of getting pregnant without getting married stuns Siddhu and he gets disturbed. Siddhu and his friend, Rahul go to a coffee shop where he unexpectedly sees Anvitha taking to another guy. This enrages him and he intervenes between them and causes a scene. Siddhu, who is now unable to let Anvitha go and unable to accept the fact that Anvitha is going to be with another man if he doesn’t help her, later decides to help Anvitha. He goes to her house and begs for forgiveness and asks her to consider him. Siddhu mistakenly believes that Anvita will conceive by the old fashioned method of intercourse, as he doesn't know the general procedure for sperm donation. Later, Siddhu is shocked to know when Anvitha tells him that it is not the usual process of intercourse and instead it is IUI which they have to follow. He is shocked but agrees to the procedure stating that he wants everything she has to be from him. He undergoes vigorous diet and exercise which is monitored by her and the doctor.

Siddhu gets frustrated in the process and gets drunk. This enrages Anvitha and begs him to not to do the work if he is uninterested and confesses that she doesn't have feelings. She also tells him that she doesn't believe in love and marriage because of her parents's divorce which happened when she was 6. Siddhu realises his mistake and resumes his dieting. One day the procedure date is fixed and according to the contract the donor should not involve into her personal life and shouldn't contact her after the procedure otherwise legal action shall be taken. This breaks Siddhu even more and he bids farewell to Anvitha asking her a favour. He further requests Anvita to tell her daughter or son that their father was a person who genuinely loved her instead of just some random sperm donor when they inevitably ask who their father was. Later Anvitha gets her results positive in her pregnancy test and goes to share the news with Siddhu but Rahul stops her by saying even she shouldn't interfere in his life as and when she wants as he is just healing from their separation since Siddhu too can't, according to the contract and asks her to leave him.

Anvitha, heartbroken leaves India. While she returns to UK, she is disturbed due to Siddhu's absence and decides she needs a change of place. She moves to country side somewhere in UK and starts spending time there. Meanwhile, Siddhu successfully gives frequent stand ups and gains popularity. His father gets to know about his feelings and asks him to give assurance to Anvitha that he is beside her through thick and thin as she is scared of getting left out in a relationship.

Siddhu travels every corner of UK to get to know about her. But, in the end finally meets her at the hospital at the time of her delivery and tries to talk to her, he is stopped by the staff stating only her partner can enter the labor room. Anvitha recognises his voice and replies he is the father of the child and this moves Siddhu. He sees his name in the medical form as the father. Finally blessed with a baby the movies ends with Siddhu doing a stand up where he reveals he is married to Anvitha and leaves the stage saying he needs to change his daughter's diaper.

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