Animal 2023 Indian Hindi Bollywood movie


Animal 2023 Indian Hindi Bollywood movie

 Animal 2023 Indian Hind Bollywood movie

Ranvijay "Vijay" Singh is the son of Balbir Singh, a Delhi-based business magnate who heads the generational steel company called "Swastik Steels". He has adored his father since childhood, but Balbir neglects him due to his busy schedule. After an incident where Vijay ambushes his sister's bullies with an AK-47, Balbir sends him away to a boarding school in America. Vijay returns after completing his education and convinces his former schoolmate Geetanjali, whom he has always loved, to break off her engagement and choose him.

During Balbir's 60th birthday, Vijay argues with his sister's husband Varun and is kicked out of the house. He breaks off contact with his family, marries Geetanjali, and moves to America, where the couple have two children. Eight years later, he learns that his father was shot by unidentified assailants, prompting him to return to India to find the person responsible. He rounds up his cousins from his native village in Punjab to help in his mission and sets up a doppelgänger named Kailash for Balbir. Kailash is killed by Asrar Haque's team as they mistake him to be Balbir.

Vijay discovers that Varun was involved in the assassination attempt and kills him during a meeting. He then goes to a hotel to meet an arms dealer, but Asrar's team arrives in droves to kill him. After a lengthy battle, he defeats them, but sustains brutal injuries and goes into a coma. Upon waking two weeks later and undergoing a heart transplant, Vijay learns that his heart donor was the fiancée of a woman named Zoya. He begins an affair with Zoya, who soon falls for him and reveals that she was actually sent by Asrar's brother Abrar Haque. Abrar had sent her to honey trap Vijay in order to kidnap and replace him with a doppelgänger who would massacre his entire family.

Vijay reveals that he knew this all along and simply wanted to discover the identity of the actual perpetrator. He learns from his grandfather Rajdheer that Abrar and his brothers are part of Vijay's family; they are the grandsons of Rajdheer's younger brother Shamsher Singh, making Vijay their cousin. Abrar planned the attempt on Balbir's life to avenge his own father Azim Haque, who was denied a share of their property. This led to Shamsher committing suicide in front of Abrar, which traumatized him and rendered him mute.

Vijay and his cousins barge into Abrar's house in Scotland to kill him, but learn that Abrar has escaped with his brother Abid in their private jet. They stop the flight and Vijay and Abrar engage in a brutal fight that ends with Vijay killing Abrar. During the family Diwali celebration, Balbir reveals that he has terminal cancer and has realized his failures as a father. He finally reconciles with Vijay, who rejoices in attaining his love.

In the mid-credits scene, Aziz, revealed to be another one of Abrar's brothers, has successfully undergone plastic surgery to become Vijay's doppelgänger and Zoya is now pregnant, though unsure if the baby is Aziz's or Vijay's. Aziz kills two of Vijay's cousins and sets out with Abid to exact vengeance on Vijay for his brothers' deaths.

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