AQUAMAN 2: The Lost Kingdom


AQUAMAN 2: The Lost Kingdom

AQUAMAN 2: The Lost Kingdom

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AQUAMAN 2: The Lost Kingdom


Several years after becoming king of Atlantis,[a] Arthur Curry has married Mera and had a son, Arthur Jr., while splitting his life between land and sea. Meanwhile, David Kane continues to seek revenge against Arthur for his father's death, working with marine biologist Stephen Shin to find Atlantean artifacts. He finds a black trident that possesses him, its creator promising to give him the power to destroy Arthur.

Five months later, David attacks Atlantis and breaks into its orichalcum reserves to power Shin's Atlantean machines. Arthur learns that this usage of orichalcum, which emits high quantities of greenhouse gases, has not only raised planetary temperatures and caused extreme weather and ocean acidification but nearly caused a planetary extinction when used by an ancient Atlantean kingdom. To learn where David is hiding, Arthur breaks his half-brother Orm out of prison. The two meet with the crime lord Kingfish, who provides information leading to a volcanic island in the South Pacific.

While on the island, Arthur and Orm stumble across the black trident, which Orm reveals was created by Kordax, the brother of King Atlan and ruler of the lost kingdom of Necrus who was imprisoned with blood magic following a failed attempt to usurp the throne. Realizing the blood of any of Atlan's descendants could release Kordax, the two make their way to Amnesty Bay, where they learn David has kidnapped Arthur Jr. The Atlanteans, with a reluctant Shin's help, determine that Necrus's prison is located in Antarctica.

In Necrus, Arthur fights David to stop him from injuring Arthur Jr., and David almost kills Arthur before Mera arrives and saves her husband. Following this, David throws the black Trident at Mera, as she is getting away with her son, but Orm gets hold of the trident before it strikes her. The spirit of Kordax leaves David for Orm, who proceeds to fight Arthur and uses his blood to thaw the ice, freeing Kordax. With his half-brother freed, Arthur throws the black trident at Kordax, who catches it in mid-air, before throwing his trident to destroy the black trident and fatally impale Kordax. With Kordax's magic vanishing, Necrus starts to collapse, and as David hangs from a fissure, he refuses Arthur's help and throws himself down the cliff to his death. The Atlanteans and Shin escape to safety, and Arthur and Mera decide to let Orm go and tell the rest of Atlantis that he died on the condition he remains hidden. Believing the unification of the land and sea is necessary, Arthur reveals Atlantis' existence through an announcement at the United Nations and declares his intentions of making the kingdom a member state.


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