Carl's Date (2023) 1080p



Carl's Date (2023) 1080p

Carl's Date (2023) 1080p

Carl Fredricksen trains Dug at home when he gets a phone call and answers it to hear that it is from Ms. Meyers, an elder who lives at the nursing home, and Alpha (now named Beta) who declares his love for his new home. After Dug has a conversation with Beta, Carl speaks with Ms. Meyers again and agrees to something, only to immediately regret it after hanging up the phone. Carl reveals to Dug that he just agreed to go on a date with her. He is nervous as he has not been with anyone since Ellie passed away and does not know what to do. Dug makes suggestions on what to do, most of which involves dog related things. Carl decides to go out and get some things to prepare for his date.

Carl buys numerous boxes of chocolate and tries to get some flowers from his garden. He has a practice dance with Dug as well as a practice dinner afterwards. Carl then dyes his hair black, which confuses Dug. When Carl attempts to call Ms. Meyers to call off the date, Dug wrestles the phone away from him, destroying it in the process, and tells Carl that he should go on the date and not worry as Ms. Meyers will love him. Carl relaxes and gets himself ready. Dug then offers to go along as backup and Carl agrees. Before leaving, Carl speaks to Ellie's photo and tells her that he is going on a new adventure, and that she will always be his girl.

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