Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi movie


Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi movie

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi movie

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi movie

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) Hindi movie[Hindi-Telugu]_HQ_S-Print_720p.mkv.mp4.html

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Imaad Ali, Ahana Singh, and Neil Pereira are three best friends that have been together since their school days. Imaad is a stand-up comedian, Ahana is an MBA graduate from Harvard University and works as a corporate consultant, and Neil is a personal trainer. They each have their own personal dependencies on social media. Ahana's boyfriend, Rohan, suddenly asks for a break from their relationship, leaving Ahana confused and hurt. She starts stalking Rohan, discovering he has a new girlfriend, Tanya, on social media, eventually making her own posts to get his attention.

Imaad is a serial dater, often meeting girls on Tinder under his alias "Zeeshan" and has one-night stands with them, ghosting them thereafter. However, he meets Simran Kohli on the app, an older woman and a photographer, with whom he genuinely connects and starts to open up to emotionally. However, he keeps using Tinder despite Ahana and Neil urging him to delete it and pursue Simran seriously.

Neil comes from a humble middle-class background and aspires to open his own gym. He often compares himself to more successful personal trainers on social media and desperately tries to land high-profile clients. He is also in a secret relationship with a popular influencer, Laxmi Lalvani a.k.a. "Lala".

During one of his sets, Imaad jokes about Neil's relationship with Lala, calling it fake, to which, Neil quickly takes offense. He verbally and physically attacks Imaad after the show, telling him to confront his own problems with emotional intimacy. After this, Neil and Imaad stop talking, worrying Ahana, who has quit her job to open a gym with them.

Meanwhile, Imaad and Simran's relationship progresses, and they confess that they have real feelings for each other, and they move in together. Ahana's social media posts recapture the attention of Rohan, who flirts with her at a sangeet event of their friend's, and the two hook up that night. However, when Ahana wakes up, she realizes Rohan is gone and has blocked her number and on social media.

Neil confronts Lala after he sees her post a picture of her kissing another man. She states that she only spent time with him because she was bored and never considered their relationship to be real. Later, she files a complaint against Neil, who is fired from his job as a trainer. Afterwards, he angrily hacks into her Instagram account and makes several posts, exposing her as a fake.

Simran sees messages from a Tinder date on Imaad's phone and realizes he is still hooking up with other women. He insists that it does not mean anything, but she ends their relationship and tells him to leave. Meanwhile, Ahana drunkenly confronts Rohan at his birthday party, exposing their hookup in front of Tanya. After she leaves the party, Rohan insults Ahana, but Imaad arrives and tries to fight him. As Rohan is about to strike Imaad, Neil arrives and punches Rohan. Imaad and Neil reconcile and leave with Ahana, who realises that Rohan is not something she must base her self-worth on. Neil publicly apologizes to Lala after seeing she is being harassed online.

At a comedy show, Imaad tearfully shares that he was sexually abused as a child by his father's business partner. He admits that the abuse led to his issues with intimacy but now he wants to take control of his life. His show receives a standing ovation, and Ahana and Neil, who are in the audience, comfort him as he cries backstage.

All the three friends start taking their lives seriously and depending less on social media. They all eventually open the gym together, much to the joy of their parents. Imaad later re-approaches Simran at the opening of her art gallery, for which, she smiles.


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