Manush Bengali movie | JEET | Susmita | Jeetu Kamal


Manush  Bengali movie | JEET | Susmita | Jeetu Kamal

 Manush  Bengali movie | JEET | Susmita | Jeetu Kamal[Hindi-Telugu]_HQ_S-Print_720p.mkv.mp4.html

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Arjun (Jeet) is a middle-class honest police officer who loves his daughter more than anything and can go to any extent for her whereas his enemy Mannan (Jeetu Kamal) is a notorious drug dealer and ruthless criminal. However certain circumstances slowly change Arjun (Jeet) into an inhuman seeking money which makes Arjun (Jeet) become a drug lord and criminal named ‘Victor’. He is suspended from his job and continues to deal with drugs in the underworld for money whereas Mannan (Jeetu Kamal) leaves the underworld by stopping all his crimes and starts to live a peaceful life by helping poor children. Soon the wheel of fate moves around making Victor (Jeet) realise that an enemy can also be a true friend. Will they both succeed in winning the game of survival and fighting the battle of destiny to become true human beings?


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